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Being Dad

The world's favourite documentary for those men about to become a dad for the first time. Laugh out loud men telling-it-like-it-is mix brilliantly with leading experts from all around the world. Of the many who try, it is only Being Dad that manages to get across the laughs, the information and none of the gross stuff. Reviewed and loved from London to New York to Sydney, this film will have you ready for the biggest day of your life. An absolute must see for first time pregnant couples.

  • Kambala Year 6 Class of 2017

    The Interview video, the Parody, the Photo Montage and the Roses ceremony all grouped together for your download.

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  • Being Dad Australia

    The original, the only and the best.
    40 blokes and a handful of experts kick around the big topics of pregnancy and birth in an unforgettable and hilarious documentary.
    Reviewed all over and loved by a generation of new dads.

    Buy from $6.95
  • Being Dad: UK

    For hundreds of thousands of customers, Being Dad has been a wonderful gift for the first time dad-to-be.

    Best selling author and award winning film maker, Troy Jones, is shocked by his girlfriend's news - he's about to become a dad.

    His search for information and security leads him to meet with the UK's leading pregnancy experts and a gaggle of mates over a beer or three to get the truth.

    What can I expect, now that she is expecting?

    Lets face it - blokes dont read much about pregnancy - so this is the perfect way to get him involved and learning - its so funny and honest, he wont even realise how much he's learned until he's finished watching.

    90 minutes of laughs, tears and information.

    For men - learn all you need to know in 90 minutes.

    For women - get the best insight into what your man is thinking.

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  • Being Dad 2: Bringing the Baby Home

    The boys are back with a world first, cult hit documentary - following 40 dads as they come to grips with the journey from birth to two years of age.

    No holds barred, this film lifts the veil on all the things you wanted to know, but never thought to ask.

    The ultimate primer for the first time dad to be.

    Buy from $6.95